Sea mineral mittens

Right after I finished the seashell scarf for my sister, this lovely pattern was on my needles.

If you use Pinterest to look up beautiful knitting projects, then it is quite possible that you might have come upon these lovely Latvian-style mittens by SpillyJane. She originally posted the free Ravelry pattern with pale yellow, pale blue and light grey as the main colors to give them an oceanic feel. Knitters have since then made these mittens in the most amazing color combinations.

Up till now I have knitted up the body of one mitten. Here it is unblocked and without a thumb:

Sea mineral mitten

So yes, I am trying to complete this colorful project quickly so that I may start on a new one (a sorbet scarf by Robyn Chachula), hopefully by the end of this month إن شاء الله. This tactic actually motivates me to finish my current project faster.

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The meaning of the phrase إن شاء الله (In shaa Allah) is by the will of Allah or if God wills so. I will sincerely try to complete these mittens on time but it is possible that an obstacle might come up and I may not be able to fulfill my goal. So with this small phrase, I am asking Allah to aid me.


6 thoughts on “Sea mineral mittens

    1. Thank you! 😀 The pattern is really lovely ❤ You should definitely try it again for the beautiful and unique patterns, you'll get in the flow in no time! 🙂


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